Are you having trouble understanding Insurance?

It is possible that you haven’t been given the necessary information required to help you appreciate your motor insurance and enjoy the benefits it comes with.

In this ultimate guide, Jubilee Allianz General Insurance Company Limited will enlighten you about MOTOR INSURANCE.

A car has drastically moved from being a luxury to being a necessity that is indispensable and has become a requirement to each and every adult Ugandan. When you buy a car get it insured with Jubilee Allianz Uganda and stay ahead of the tough times and enjoy the peace of mind that comes knowing your insurance partner has you covered.

What is Motor Insurance?

Motor Insurance Cover by Jubilee Allianz General Insurance Company Limited helps protect you from unforeseen costs that may come as a result of accidents with or theft of your car, including costs to other people you may be liable for following the accident or theft. The premium you pay depends on the market value of your car and the package you choose.

How do you choose a motor insurance package?

To choose a motor insurance package, you should first determine your needs. Questions like what do I need to be covered, what is my budget and what are the state requirements, should be asked as you make such a decision.

What packages then are there to choose from?

1. Third party (- Basic) Insurance package

This is a requirement by government under the Motor Vehicle Insurance (Third Party Risks) Act of 1989. It is called third party because the beneficiary of this insurance cover is someone other than the car owner (first party) or the insurance company (second party). The law requires a cover of one million Uganda Shillings against bodily injuries or death in the event of an accident. You are however at liberty to choose a higher limit.

2. Third party (- Enhanced) Insurance package

This insurance package covers all that is covered under ‘Third party (- basic)’ but the unique part about it is that it also includes compensation for the loss or damage to the insured car as a result of fire or theft.

What is not covered under Third-Party insurance?

Loss or damage to any of your personal belongings, locks, transmitters and immobilisers if your keys are lost or stolen and also repair or replacement of glass are not covered under Third- party insurance.

3. Comprehensive Motor Insurance

This is a full package that covers the loss or damage to your car, your liability to third parties, car recovery, legal costs in the event of an accident, financier’s interest, and emergency medical expenses in connection with bodily injuries sustained during an accident.

What is not covered under Comprehensive motor insurance?

Electrical break down which includes the on-board computers and electrical components, any punctures, cuts or bursts and other mechanical services like service and re-sale value after repair are all not insured under this insurance package.

Insurance across the East African boarders?

Jubilee Allianz General Insurance Company Limited will compensate you for costs needed to repair the car if it is involved in an accident anywhere in East Africa. You will however need to get COMESA cover package which will enable you get compensation for third party costs incurred when your vehicle is involved in a traffic accident in a foreign country within the East African region.

What is optional?

Choose optional add-ons at an additional cost to create a cover that suits you.

The add-ons include but are not limited to;

- Engine protection cover.

- Road side insurance cover.

- Return to invoice cover.

- Passenger cover.

Get ahead of the tough times now with Jubilee Allianz General Insurance Company Limited.

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