Health Insurance

Safeguard your personal health

JAZ Health offers comprehensive health insurance coverage to large groups, small and medium-sized businesses, individuals, and families. Our health insurance policies are adaptable, allowing clients to choose their range based on their budget. Outpatient, wellness, and catastrophe coverage are optional, but inpatient coverage is compulsory. We offer no-excess doctors-at-home services, allowing our insureds to access doctor visits 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Inpatient Coverage (Main Cover): Covers admission to a clinic or a private hospital.

We offer coverage from MUR 50,000 to MUR 1,000,000. Our inpatient coverage includes sub limit for maternity, gynecological surgeries, newborn coverage, congenital illness, etc.

Outpatient coverage (Optional):

Outpatient treatments, such as generalist and specialist consultations, prescribed tests and medications, chronic medications, and dental and optical benefits, are covered.

Wellness Coverage:

JAZ Health was the first to offer a wellness benefit as part of its health insurance plans. Our wellness plans include zero-expense preventive care, alternative treatments, vaccinations, hormonal therapy, and psychological counseling.