Jubilee Allianz Underwriting Department are shaking the waves

Congratulations to the twelve Underwriters who have gone over and beyond to completed their Bronze Certifications successfully, we have five more underwriters to qualify for this 1st stage of certifications by end – October 2021. The progress and the commitment shown by the team is very commendable.

The UW team have also completed a detailed review of the portfolio and UW Submissions on all risks which require interventions from ASU – AZAF or AGCS have been done . Close follow-ups on these referrals are in progress to improve upon our TATs for renewal quotations on these businesses.

Finally, this team has completed a week of risk inspection surveys for five accounts in Kenya, led by Head, Loss Control Engineering, AZAF, Mr. Gninlnan Coulibaly. More importantly, with this, underwriting department have initiated alignment of the risk inspection approach and techniques with those of Allianz Global, by which JAZK expect to deliver professional & world class services to our clients and prospects.