Emergency Assist

We are here for you

Jubilee Allianz Emergency Assist is an on-demand, smart tech safety tool, that automatically identifies and dispatches the closest response unit once a Security or Ambulance emergency is raised by a Jubilee Allianz General Insurance (K) Limited customer.

This emergency tool is a unique value addition designed for our customers, enjoying our Motor, Home, WIBA, SME and Personal Accident insurance products.

Jubilee Allianz Kenya together with our partner Aura Kenya have developed a cutting-edge emergency response application that eliminates the need for human intervention to dispatch response vehicles in an emergency.
Panic events are auto-verified and auto-dispatched to the users exact GPS location.

JAZ-Assist is included in our WIBA, Home, Personal Accident, SME, and Motor products:

  • Efficiency: JAZK customers can now access the fastest mobile emergency services.
  • Machine-to-machine dispatch: No human intervention needed to navigate response units to a users’ exact GPS location.
  • Transparency: Users can track response unit’s route, arrival time, and registration details.
  • Nationwide response network: Partnered with top nationwide security, EMS, and road rescue providers.
  • Exclusive value addition: For Jubilee Allianz General Insurance (K) Limited customers.
  1. To get onboarded, download the Jubilee Allianz Emergency Assist APP on Appstore, Playstore or Huawei.
  2. Enter your details as requested on the APP.
  3. Contact Jubilee Allianz Kenya for your coupon code to complete the process and activate the APP.
  4. The Emergency response service will run concurrently with your insurance policy period.